Issues in your tissues

The issues in life are not easy for many at this time. So much loss and often this is revolving around emotions which effect our organs and tissues security, base and5-Elements-chart relationships,  1st and second chakra our right to ‘be here’ is effected by fear., and it seems to be there is much fear these days in the news, in our area in interactions between each other. There is darkness, a fear of moving forward. This is something that we need not fight as really, where else are we going to go? Now is the time to seek the higher road for our planet our own health and sanity. It is obvious  the best in ourselves needs to come out for there is always a seed of light in darkness, is there not? a deeper desire for joy and connections that are more tender. The simple tenderness of nourishing yourself with kind actions like eating well and getting into nature help remove some of the issues that get locked in our tissues,, our body remembers, which is amazing it also needs to breathe and allow things in and out. Take steps to make the right choices for you. In the end you cannot change the past and you must accept what is in the present. Our lives are not stagnant things and while the energy around you may be turning, it is up to you to save yourself from that around which is unhealthy or holding you back.

There is a spiritual sensibility required, a search you to be heading on towards wisdom, yet not wisdom alone. The path is heading from separate to cooperative, you will gain knowledge from communication Carl Rogers began the revolution of encounter groups, a tool he wanted to use so empathy could happen, unconditional positive regard id a big part of this healing process, so to understand the other, there is ZERO expectation they be like you, finding the unity in diversity, healing strife and grief.

Dwelling on the negative which is unhealthy in itself will not help, this is different however to the need to think clearly and finding out all you can about what is going on with in you and around you, take time to focus on the positive in your life and the reasons that you want to be healthy. If you are feeling that you don’t trust those around you, get a second opinion. Do what you can to get in a better place mentally about your health so that tissues release the emotional issues and healing physically can begin to happen.

Negative mental states and increased depression often happen in very trying times in life, it can also be a difficult time emotionally when the world is of tilter it effects us all. This too shall pass, remember that you are not alone in this journey  choose to open up there are likely people to support you at this time. Avoid the charity givers who patronize, and look for those who are willing to mutually exchange, empowering.



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