Within yoga there is the science of siddhis, My 1st school, Sivananda, warned to be very cautious of these! to not use when came, It was a school leaning towards sattvic, purity the avoidance toxins, it lead to a kind of ‘sleepiness, non worldly! yet I am so profoundly grateful, for it taught all yoga’s and took me to India.

Siddhis are psychic powers, and have been known throughout the world for thousands of years, as long as tantra and other paths of focus have existed. There are also accounts of spontaneoussiddhis experiences, through trauma accidents, like the type out body experiences some report, and so on so forth. One can derive these powers from the practice of particular techniques, or they can be gained through direct contact with the guru or so it is said. When the guru blesses the disciple by placing his hands on the disciple’s head or back, then the transformation may begin to take place.

“When this transformation is going on within you, your vision expands into a new dimension. For example, you may be able to see someone coming into the room who is not really physically present. This is not a ghost or some spirit entity; nor are you hallucinating. Rather, it is a definite change in the physiology of the physical body and in the conscious body which enables you to have this experience.” says Swami Amritananda Saraswati. This is an example, I am not forming an opinion on this, I have not experienced this, however I do trust in the experiences of others, keep an open mind.

There is much talk these days of massive changes in consciousness, due to the dawning age Aquarius, astrologically things are amazing, and I feel that some are without practice spontaneously gaining these ‘powers’ or/and through drugs or anxiety (another  trigger) also when both hemispheres open things get a little curious, although a mediator, I do not want to see anything that is not there. I also have a sense, for I sense more than see.  That certain acceptable products that are sold are effecting peoples  nervous systems. And that these experiences which may seem real! can be traumatic and are happening on a large Scale, and the Idea that it is Karma in the sense of destiny, rather than cause and effect is allowing it to happen. .

Empathy is understanding. It can be used to be kind or not.  If you know some one like strong coffee, you can give it to them and make them smile, or make it weak to annoy, you can justify, my saying its for there own good!! coffee is not healthy or whatever, if asked share an opinion, ultimately kindness is freedom.

A focused mind has power, Buddha meditated and used it to enlighten others, Hitler meditated and well..

I feel it is the same with siddhis, this ‘awakening’ on the planet, this idea of ‘Christ consciousness” what I feel is the same as Osho’;s  ‘Mystic rose’. I like the term Mystic rose as it then is an experience which has no particular domination, is in some respects dangerous, it contains a lot unconscious and conditioned behavior patterns, some of which are not healthful at all. I wish all beings well. There are more people with these powers who are not aware of the dangers that Sivananda warned of and have been conditioned not to love/like themselves and then do not like or love others unless perhaps there ‘exactly’ the same as they are! or under control.

I did shift to a more tantric type practice, Osho and a man called Clive Sheridan. I agree that all toxins can not be avoided, i also do not think that this jumps off into have them or give them to another to prove it. (cool aid acid test a great book metaphor! but for me very not ok)  I am probably in the place of  purity where possible and toxins that are unavoidable must be transformed.. It stands me in at least a little awareness.

The most amazing experiences for me are nature and real and in my body..

Be full of care (careful).






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