Staying Awake

I have a photo of me from India in the middle of a retreat, the practice was a Mantra, Sri Ram Jai Ram.I am stud in a pile of rubbish, smiling happily. Although in ‘bliss’ I had to question weather I actually wanted to be happy standing in a pile of plastic rubbish.

I feel the increase in “alien’ Ideas is because more and more of us feel Isolated ‘alienated’ and we as we need friends are finding them in our archetypes, inside ‘is’ an important source of information this inner world is magical, it as Jung pointed out can be interpreted in many many ways. the Perennial Philosophy was an attempt to unify.

I trust that our resonance has an effect on our world, that we can create through practice huge amounts space around our ‘conditioning’ at no point does this jump off into the idea total control! Or I create everything. Buddha and all ‘enlightened’ beings spoke of a middle way, a network a co creation/creator.

As Osho put it a Godliness not a god.. This Each individual (being individual is an amazing thing to be, When it’s meaning know from its root, undivided! not separate!) for themselves spirituality, “The secret”. Which actually says do not ‘help’ they created it! Is becoming a huge excuse for not seeing the causes! and allowing atrocity, this may be a miss interpretation and It is a fascinating idea in context. A small % have cash not just because resonate, old money, political strings. Arms. Buckminster Fuller I think it was spoke about Wealth and Iealth.. Money is not always coming from a beautiful abundant space. Prosperity. Pro-spitit. Although it is needed in our culture, There were cultures historically that did not, those are being wiped out or misinterpreted for most part. Many survived until quite recently, perhaps a  few still do..

The reason I am sharing this is it is allowing the most horrendous abuses to happen, They created it so mind your own business, is like Dickensian times. Exploitation, hording lack compassion and no social network. The consciousnesses of people,( I am not talking guilt here!) Are ignoring that inner voice.. Perhaps as overwhelmed right now! By the horror in world is a little  right now. Because like a problem unaddressed it gets worse. Minding ticking and toking and worry with no solutions is ‘useless’ Logic. Is needed to solve issues however.

Yes it is as it is, That is not always ok..

“Acceptance of what is, is not a state of resignation” Jon Kabat Zinn.

At the end of American Psycho, The old one, The character is in huge pain, he wants boundaries, his ‘conditioning’ has lead him to this place, he can not change it! yet he wants to be caught, to be stopped, to be seen, for this polite party to stop. He also is dangerous, you can empathize, understand so NO more human organisms get programed this way! not because it is Ok.. Those who wrote of understanding and no guilt was so could lesson defenses and we could hear each other) were not saying there was no harmful or unacceptable ways being.

Earth will be OK. It is us who are in Danger..

I am thinking of the opening of an amazing Movie called Rage. At the beginning, a patient protected as in Hospital, comes out to find an Emply London, he walks across London bridge the most amazing scene, and I felt my breath deepening at the space the image gave, then another thought. For that space! would you allow all those people to die, It’s awakening a metaphorical masterpiece.

Creativity that comes from within touches us because of that shared inner nervous system, universe being.



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