What is Love

The harder we work to hang on to love, the more pointless our effort becomes. especially when we instinctively sense our energies are limited and that the ‘object’ of our love is becoming punishingly cruel exhausting our well of creativity yet we often refuse to let it be. I feel some of the ‘new age’  Miss-interpretation of the fact we can influence our consciousness and are not staves to our conditioning,(which I agree with) jumps off into the idea of Total CONTROL. If I change me. I can have Him or that thing or lots cash or what ever it is we think ‘we’ LOVE.. Somethings will not work out, some things simply must be excepted.

This fear of loss of what/who we love is largely psychological and superstitious. It goes back to our basic programming on how we should experience love and joy. This program often has the in my opinion that ‘love is’ Suffering idea within it. We all have very particular  ways that we come to understand what it is we need in our lives to ‘be happy’. At some time, however, we must accept that all the effort in the world cannot ever hope to secure the happiness that we so badly crave all of the time, life has ups and downs and roller coaster rides. It is our ‘survival’ mind which seems convinced that what we wish to  have and to hold in our lives is somehow ‘fated’ for us.  That man or woman, that house, that toy, that child or business is ‘real’, and it must do everything to pronounce itself ours.

It is this feeling that it was ‘meant to be’, and there is a ‘higher purpose’ for it being in our lives. To some degree we create that purpose, indeed need a reason for our lives, no-thing wrong in that.. Sometimes from the start, a strong inner sense that this beautiful, precious thing was tailor made for us, and  from which we begin to believe we cannot possibly be without it, fills our spine with the upright fortitude to stand and make a claim, and with the motivation that we must do anything to have it,  we are prepared to pay any price, suffer any misfortune or shame to keep it, fearing that we would die if we ever lost it. Something is driving it, but it is seldom a spiritual place. it comes from our parent-trained mind most of the time, Schools and society.

All physical/material effort is limited, and it must run out at some point. At some point, we must realize that we are doing! I know for myself I can give love freely, however once I feel controlled the very thing I was giving will stop being given,  When we have turned a thing of innocent love into something stifled and stunted in its ability to radiate natural beauty, it eventually dries up and dies. Here, we must either choose to accept what it has come to teach us – that limitations of time affect all structures here on earth – however beautiful – and if we do not learn to love and release, we may never learn to really love at all.

The most profound lesson we stand to take away from any relationship or creativity is to learn to love without fear of loss. If we could learn to overcome the effects of time, to say “love in the moment”, we would also learn to cease worrying, allow the ‘thing’ we love to go through its own journey of maturation, let it always radiate beauty and joy into our lives in its own natural way without worrying if it will ever lose its appeal.

If things one day cease to make us smile, or fail to smile at us any longer, we must come to realize that we have to let go and breath, freedom is required to keep us connected to the abundance of love, the source where love draws. Natural beauty and wild flowers they will soon die when they are taken from their source.

Beautiful things are there to be enjoyed, not be made useful.

There is a difference between ‘aging’ and ‘growing up’. Aging is marked only by linear time. Maturity is a spiritual quality. You may get a fine qualification, job, career. money, house, wife, kids, public reputation, even fame. These may bring you a sense of fleeting joy, but they will not bring you maturity. If you are at all insecure about losing these things they will only make you age – if that is where your value system lies. To mature you must be able to enjoy life’s beautiful rewards without attachment or fear of losing them.

We must learn not to become imprisoned by the prism of our own programming. It is in our upbringing that the structures of how what we deserve to have  become defined.

True, spiritual ‘love’ has no bounds. It must be allowed to dance freely both within us and in all that is around us. Constrained love is not true, whatever it’s focus. Person thing or status. To be true it must be allowed to flower to its maturity as we too are allowed to dance freely alongside it. Only here, without fear or worry do we mature in our understanding that to continue this eternal dance we must also tend to the responsibilities of our heart, whose only mission is for us to stay creative, wild and free.

So long as we serve to stay connected to the source of our creativity, our freedom to love and to be loved will continue to mature and defy aging, and our natural beauty will  radiate with abundance and eternal joy.



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