Silent she was as she tied knots to make different shapes it was amazing how many could be made from just 2 knots, that if you pulled this way it followed. as her head and heart cleared she let go of the thread and bringing her attention to the touch of the breath, It had fallen silent all around her so she felt to take this chance to sit and witness, things in her life had also become knotted and for some time the design was not as beautiful as the pretty things she made.

Silent as these thoughts arose and passed she simply kept breathing it seemed easy today to take some distance and hear her breath audible like the sea t came in and went out, ahhhhh her shoulders let go, it was such a release her tears began to flow, silent against her cheeks, had they been awaiting this release this let go.

Silent she felt her whole being breathing expanding and contracting, the tears ceased and she remembered to return to the breath, to its touch at the tip of her nostrils and old mantra returned! as I breath the tree the tree breaths me, as I accept the facticity of life it flows with more ease and grace through me, for now it was. silently she sat up bringing her spine into a lifted position again her tears flowed and her left shoulder it began to throb through her breaths the silence cut for a moment, then silent again. breath breath breath it feels so good to feel.. Not frozen now not in a rush now…

Silent was where she stayed not even wanting to stir, resting on breath the brush coming and going coming and going no effort this time, no desire to disturb to change a simplicity a watching of the wheels for there were thoughts coming and going yet right now the silence was bigger and grander and more captivating.

Silently she returned to her knots having released a few from her body she now tied more in the tread, knowing somehow there was a place she needed to go, but not now.






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