Finding wholeness

Long-unresolved issues concerning the patriarchy’s diminishing or belittling our social identity (race/gender/colour/religion/sexuality etc) are playing heavily into our ‘value-sense’ decision making.

Whether it is due to wounds and traumas experienced in our personal, domestic conditioning, especially from those who played a paternal role in our lives – or whether they are due to wider, more sociological influences, the frustrations and limitations met trying to survive a patriarchal culture now raise enormous tensions which are unnervingly reaching breaking point in many traditional kinds of relationships. A phenomenal uprising of feminine forces is necessary to draw the line on ending certain inequities, imbalances and injustices and seek fresh ways to experience wholeness, harmony and well-being.

A new force is rising, things seem to be picking up steam to restore a healthy balance here on earth with some degree of sense and logic, they are intermittently being usurped and derailed by the constant surrealness , intent only on distorting and refracting the pure light, trying to come through. Call it the propaganda of fake news, call it suspension of reason by some psychotic madmen, it’s happening and it’s often like fighting an unknown entity which is hellbent of twisting our ‘reality.

However, just going by the extraordinary degree of agitation and nervous excitement in the world right now, seems that many of us are ready for anything. We are primed to take this energy to deliver a very unique and vital ingredient into a recipe which, above all, calls for greater respect and appreciation.

Therefore our decision rests primarily on whether we will successfully invest or divest our current resources, (energy, money, time, love) in ways that can withstand even the wildest fluctuations in any value system we cherish, given of course all the unknown variants that may come along out of left field.

Whatever outcome you are expecting, leave ample room for  unexpected change and it will seem less of a rude intrusion and more as a pleasant surprise.

May we stand together instead of being split apart by the law of greed and disrespect for gender context and choice. May the values we share not be based on stuff above each other on our path and may earth have a chance at wholeness once again.

Ommmmmmmmmearth meditating


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