Denial is Corrosive

Are we choosing to isolate ourselves rather than put up with anything that grates upon our sensitive boundaries or needs us to express our independent views. There seems to be a block to self expression of a simple healthy boundary, the person will simply do it more until you give up= equals the ugly mistake filled world many seem to face each day.
Utilitarian rules like drive on the right, are practical, rebel against these simply causes problems for others tike holding the tube door open and so on. day to day antagonism. Yet when we shut up and put up! there is a tenancy to suppress, this suppression one of the most harmful toxins in the universe is causing along with the bizarre increase in toxins in many environment at least partly at cause, for this influx of new syndromes and excuses. It is simple.. Our organism likes joy and we are living in restriction and negativity! mostly from each other.
We are not all the same, you and me – naturally…
Yet we are all equal.
Being present and accountable with one another in your most intimate affairs, our work and our play is essential for health, communion
Have you noticed, just listen. We spend so much time in conversation more concerned about what to say next or judging what the other person just said than hearing.
Take a breath and really listen to what they’re saying before you rush into the next subject or assumption.
Accept that you have vulnerabilities. Any kind of relationship is going to highlight where you are sometimes vulnerable. This is not necessarily a deal-breaker if the relationship is healthy. Allow your weaknesses and imperfections to be exposed for what they are; allow their presence without trying to stop them! witness them to prevent them from growing and threatening to take over. Like any monster, it won’t grow if you don’t feed it.
Most things can be done with a spring in your step,
Injoy the adventure. Without denial.. what we deny does not transform and heal it festers.

Do not worry! Yet thinking is not worry it can find the cause and then a solution.

Is your therapy healing or putting you back into a box called cope with it, you have no choice.


What do you want for yourself and the world, we have to see both sides not deny half

and project out, destroyingyin

ourselves and others



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