Health and your nervous system

With the increased awareness on all things violent, on hate and harm that seems to me to be filling the news, creating the blues and distracting from healing our suffering by putting many into more trauma than those actually there to respond to some of the ugly posturing of Dominant apes.. For is that not what this ‘show’ that  effects so so many for real.  Displacement and the loss ground that this may create, disrupting our systems of co-inherent communication (communion).

Some of (but not all) of my thoughts on this revolve around the importance of actually feeling into the pain/suffering in the world, and not ignoring what is going on, WHILE, also feeling the beauty,  Like in the Matrix even while fighting the machines Trinidy lifts up above the clouds and sees a sunset, sees and feels its beauty before dipping back below to continue the fight for earth (Zion) she has begun.

Folks who commit crime in cold blood lack empathy – plain and simple.

In my opinion, there is no confusion here. Sure, there are other factors that contribute to a cold blooded crime, but it starts here: with a severe lack of, or complete void, of empathy (dead inside). Put another way – it’s important to understand that such people (who are committing acts of crime and hate in cold blood) are people who it is possible never got shown empathy when it was most ready to be wired into their nervous system, which is during infancy and childhood. There are techniques which can rewire after infancy, yet it is consistent work and work that is seriously discouraged by society in various ways. I mean who has time to meditate? or bang cushions, who has time to cry etc.. often ‘labeled’ self indulgent.

 The easiest way to have healthy happy humans is to have healthy parenting yet ‘abuse’ is ‘robotic ally’ passed on time and time again, like racism it seems to me economic reasons often play a part in all this.  (that is for another  blog)

Can’t you see? empathy is not hard-wired into us like our digestion or capacity to regulate our body temperature etc, we need to learn it via a solid and secure caregiver that also has empathy in their systems. Once this biological fact is understood one quickly sees how traits get passed down through generational systems.

Now, just because a person lacks empathy and can’t connect to other humans does not mean that committing a crime or being hateful and harmful is right. IT IS NOT.

  How to Help? Do your own work and send empathy to EVERYONE in the world.

I am not a fan of protests and rallies .. at least, not in the way we do them now because, for the most part, the protests seem to fuel more of this violent energy. They ramp people up into their stress response survival systems … which then creates more of a fight response, more hurt and when taken too far| loss of life.

It is also important to understand that people have been hurting and abusing others for an eternity. What is happening isn’t new. we are seeing more of it now, because of the internet. This growing awareness, this bringing of attention, this in your face can’t be ignored ness is potentially the beginning of healing because we can NOW surely see that ignorance is not bliss and these cycles must be pulled up from the roots, even if like me this means not having children in order not to pass it on n on.. Ommmmmm ph

Trauma is deep within the human race.

I believe that the more people can accept and see this trauma for what it is, and work on their own traumas, the more we can heal COLLECTIVELY.

When children are acting out it isn’t because they are trying to be difficult and annoy the parents , it is because they are living in their survival physiology, highly stressed and they don’t know how to process it. Mainly, because no one taught them how. Adults who commit crimes, are often no different.

You can’t hurt another when you have the capacity to empathize and put yourself in their shoes. a person will commit acts of violence/hate when they are disconnected from self, from others – when they are numb and frozen. It is this same disconnection and inability to soothe and settle oneself that drives a mother to abuse her child, or herself. It comes from the SAME survival physiology. Fight, flight  freeze..  as children we do not have a choice to fight or flight so the most common response to being abused as a child is to freeze..  Ouch.

To live in this uncertain time I feel ‘we’ must see this tough reality and do our own work. In order to look at this deep level of hate and hurt in the worldwide view, we have to look at it in ourselves. and this may be scary. BOO. this is maybe why we haven’t fully committed to this level of healing yet.

Maybe like a rope that looks like a snake it will be alright, perhaps you  might find some empathy for yourself and release the pain that gets thrown out at others, maybe…

I for one can’t imagine it can be any more BOO! than the atrocities showing themselves on the world stage from this  repression and denial of all beings suffering and the desire for no being to suffer.

These are some of my personal thoughts and feelings which are definitely


influenced by my studies of the nervous system and Buddhism and Yoga.

Enough for now..






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