Games illuminated by the moon

Moon Illuminates some twisted games

Do you feel easily mislead by false promises of good fortune Yey for those carrot dangling miss information givers. I understand it is possibly justified as covering your own back.

As more people feel let down and let down others, is there a need to have a back up for yourself? careful! is the cry, do not share the whole picture (holistic view) as it will become visible ‘your’ not as nice as you’d like others to think you are.

Is this not the fear based conditioning happening today. I know difficult times too be real. though for some but not all real is the only healing and wholeness available and transparency what keeps us organismic ally congruent and kind. Therefore not hiding in the dark! justifying and hurting, I witness many finding hugely polite and sensible ‘clean’ ways not to give. I mean those who govern are hoarders!? justifying any action for profit, does that make it ok for me!? Does it?

There is no question about it, we have been misled into relationships with unsavory behaviors. Whilst most of us know not to take candy from strangers, it’s also wise not to let confusion and uncertainty cripple our soul’s access to kindness and compassion. It is too easy to simply want to hide away and not relate. To fear giving and receiving.

The tricks that ‘crazy makers’ knowingly or unknowingly (justified/conditioned)

Hurry up and wait.. procrastinate.
Huff and puff..
False promises..
I forgot..
Save me..
Ignoring your joy..
Disturbing your peace..
Ignoring boundaries..
Feeding weakness..
Ignoring strength

It is an ugly tool box, emotional abuse and use possibly so deeply wired, many consider it as normal! oddly some even re member times it was different! yet reduced to begging, pretending what given is what wanted even when this is not true in there bones and bodies. Taught perhaps not to trust the body.. It the spirit not higher!? No it is housed within.. In our organism..

A willingness to not allow the confusion to destroy our soul’s kindness, to stay open and become one of earths nurturers! a nourish er supporting and caring. This is to be taken with sincerity not seriousness, more work is possible in joy, How do we care for our garden? our forests? our earth? Are we being genuine or are we just paying lip service in how we care for those who need us? Are we prepared to talk things through and listen, make agreements and see them through, not changing plans every moment upsetting the flow of those all around.

I deeply feel more people can see through the games, that this moon is illuminating everything as is what is happening around the world, in hurt and displacement and the forced removal of different peoples lifestyle choices, a removal of knowledge, knowing and intelligence a regression to an almost Dickensian ‘reality tunnel’.

“I love you and you feel that” cried Bill Hicks.. Begging for intelligence. Loving enough to see all beings as fabulous, not the victims conditioned to be, traumatized into compliance! and yet ‘somehow’ willing as seeing what we are told is dark can hurt. Seeing that abuse is not love, at all at all. Making choices for the whole as well as ourselves..

I love, though the word is so corrupted it is almost incorrect to use it, I as Carl Rogers outlined, am Congruent have a deep regard for your being, for all beings! and empathize (not sympathy!) in other words I understand from your context and truly I am willing to give/provide a place for you, for us all to grow

neptune moonOmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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