The causes are important

pesticide cartoon

As Lotusink, Is still interested in the causes and elimination of the causes of illness, both emotional (energy in motion) and physical. (where emotions are stored and show themselves if not expressed either the environment will not tolerate the’feeling’ or 2. the person can not look at there own pain).

I am posting this from Dr Mercola as I understandd deeply and through my own experience the importance of diet to health..

“Story at-a-glance –

Kale is rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins A, C and K, calcium, protein, lutein, zeaxanthin, and also provides plant-based omega-3 and 18 amino acids
Conventionally-grown kale is frequently contaminated with high amounts of pesticides, making it important to buy organic. Better yet, grow your own. Kale is easy to grow and one of the most pest-resistant vegetables
Three or four plants can supply enough greens each week for a family of four, and the plants grow well in containers if you don’t have a backyard. Many gardeners appreciate kale for their ornamental value as well.”

Many foods are now causing intolerance’s and allergies in my not so humble opinion, not due to the plant or substance! due to the way grown and packaged.

I am at an Eco Center that does not have organic food, or wash/peal the non organic produce. Growing organic is the simplest most profound ecological act humans could implement it therefore seems a little crazy. Please say what you mean on the tin

Eco as in Costa Rica, is a label! now devoid of the meaning it held not so long ago. i.e an ecological action, which is not a cause like veganism, which may or may not be executed in an ecologically effective way, It now in some but not all centers! describes, air conditioned containers! with a view!! Air con, is not ecological @ all @ all..

Eco now simply describes the view, A place in nature, as humanity becomes more and more nature depraved, the land! that God/Goddess created. (not humans, ‘we’ did zero work) except a wee Bit gardening..

To a much needed re connection to the roots and meaning of our words which accurately describe our material existence, to be spiritual is not to deny the material, it is within this beautiful body. Neurosciences are now catching up with mysticism, it is simply a different language for the same thing, looking from outside in rather than inside out.. ti he. It has been around actually for at least 60 years, it is simply being repackaged and diluted.



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