It is our light not our darkness scares us the most, so wrote Mariana Williamson and Nelson Mandela used it in him most amazing speech. Such magical words that need to be caught by many in order to manifest. It changed them, they in turn threw an Idea into the pool, then???

If the man laughing this morning at the temple about America  bombing Afganistan these ideas have not caught on, at all at all.

Mandela died and South Africa is falling apart and few wanted an enlightened candidate in the USA in Marianna Williamson.

Individuals, like Lennon and R.A.W and all and all could wake only themselves and perhaps share a few tools which needed to be used and not only read about.

Acceptance of the factisity of life was a big tool/key, yet this acceptance was never meant to be the ‘dark side of peace’ it seems to me that inertia and insensitivity have been taken as peace, which I feel is a gross misinterpretation. (there is a sense indeed that misinterpretation and ambiguity and lack detail are characteristic of these last years.)Ideas like it is ‘G.O.D.S’ will can simply be comfort pills (do not blame ‘it’ ‘it’ gave us free will.)

Fairies have often existed for me, a play (belief) of the mind elemental being’s in nature and so on, it however a play that connects me to respect earth and I am starkly aware that the fairy stories in Ireland were simply a soothing balm at times when the world was cruel and cold. When a child died, the mother might tell the siblings they had been taken by the fairies, Oh hum, blessings. And why so many children starving! The Catholic church’s so called moral rules against contraception, this is why I speak of kindness and not morals, not due to some idea there are no boundaries to be held too. There is a part of us that absolutely understands this.

As time passes I realize that people want to be ruled, the lofty ideas of people taking responsibility for there own actions by consensus not violence like the American Indians for example  has proved to be not what most humans want, so then allow a sane ruler (if there is such a thing). Right now we do not have that at all at all.

Passivity was not what created our more enlightened time’s it was real steps sometimes hard steps, things like Kibbutz. People in the resistance, acting in spite of inconveniencing themselves, to say the least, stopped for a moment in time the murder of other souls.




I just took a break from this rant to get food for lunch, the Muslims in this part of India are now demonstrating, they although they do not know me had eyes filled with hate, though they do not know me! I look like the very white human that just hurt those who share there religious beliefs. I can not help that, it is how I was born, I do not agree with USA, I was in a huge peace demo in UK, that the media hardly remarked on, I am breathing and dancing and seeing my way through these times..


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