charming princes

So I have in the past heard a lot of lip service given to the idea that women are at an advantage, there obvious charms can be of advantage and some of the  intelligent men in my life whether lovers or friends (yes I once seemed able to have a host of intelligent male friends who were platonic, it seemed then  happily so;  when Harry met Sally was an amusing movie  but the central theme bemused me. ho hum along with a certain new conditioning, that time to did pass)

I am not a charmer, I like  clear communication and clarity, it’s good for my state of health, although right now it must be said the difficulty of keeping a sense of agreement not manipulation, is rather stressful. and not only in the area I am writing about right now.  I will give an easy example, a mans car breaks down by the side of the road, he thumbs for help and is given it. The same thing happens to a female and she is using her sexuality to get help!? well Guy’s please do inform me of what is best to do, Ok AA. I guess you get my jist though right?

I do not wish to shrink or hide in anyway the way I was born, the shape and sex my body,  I do not wish to be covered or bound or deformed in any way at all emotionally or physically, and I want so much to love on all levels not only sexually, I was brought up to like not only those I fancied or had something to give to me. young and old any race were welcome, it was not a perfect time, there have always been bigots and racists and sexism, there was a very real desire in many to live differently intelligently and lovingly.  Metta here maybe a better word, it is kindness regardless off likes or dislike an understanding that life flows for more people when there happy, happy people are less violent and destructive, less full guilt.. Not because there dead inside like the Psychopath. Because there alive and connected to the web of life in a way that allows this insight.

|I am not selling my sex, not even as a side line agenda, part of a deal etc. This seems to annoy way to many, Although I have not agreed to this it pops its head up and there is an annoyance at my not being tricked or drunk or saying NO and meaning YES. I will say yes when I want too believe. If I offer half the rent, or to join a community or to xyz and I am refused a few days down the line because I did not take the hint, I recon there’s the extra price a woman is ahem, meant to pay!! Being objectified is in no way an advantage.

I have loved and lusted of this there is no doubt and I want very much to feel this again and again, that said Yoga is more enjoyable than bad sex if not as wonderful as good sex and is certainly healthier than or misuse or abuse in all its forms.

Lennon comes to mind..Woman is the nigger of the world. If you have the time check out the Lyric.

I have had so much of the healthful beauty I nurtured through my actions stripped lately, I cannot differentiate if only body mind reaction, or something physical! It is not from lack looking for clarity. There is an interruption a hate towards those who try economically as much as in relationships right now it seems to me. Being ecological is very frowned on in the use less form, being a single woman after a certain age seems to be seen as a dislike of men, In my case that is certainly not the case..



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