You say you want a revolution.

So Mr Lennon sang.. sarcasm dripping from every word, post his friends abandoning all there ‘words’ of peace and equality, when he fell in love with a oriental. “she’s not from around here” and was man enough to stay with his own choice. Yoko blamed for just about everything that happened with the Beatles! Give a man some credit, do you really think John did not know his own mind, he was bored with the circus (not against it) and moved on. Few liked his post drug, pro love persona..

I met a surfer who said “If Lennon couldn’t heal the world, who can, so fuck it.” really I almost spat, were we awaiting him magically doing it on his own, it was a call to stand up for ourselves and others a view from a bit of a higher place than our security and territory states of consciousness or unconsciousness.

Just a thought, just a seed as Bill Hicks exclaimed, perhaps just a ride, why not choose a content one.


Think of the tallest tree you’ve seen. Consider how it began life. How small and insignificant must that tiny seed have seemed? How easily could it have been dismissed as something irrelevant? Yet look at what it became. Somewhere, in it there’s the beginnings of an idea. How big is it? How much does it matter? Make an allowance for what it could become. Can happiness and health be a measure of success! rather than accumulation of more and more and more that never fills your being.

There is an exhibition in London by the title of this classic lyric, inspiring in some but not all the desire to be listening to Hendrix in a field, a yearning maybe for some excellence, some creativity, It is why I admire so much of that time, creativity, expansion and yes excess! the kind that lead to Hendrix and so many dying, it was there choice and there are many more harmful choices, that said is it not a lesson in what killed that moment of growth. What of the drug free Lennon, Bowie and so on. Oh no.. There exploration added to there creativity at times, it also began to destroy it and they allowed change, rebirth., Ginsburg gave up drugs so the whole message would not be lost, and yet it was buried under the sex drugs n rock n roll. I too like a smoke in the sunshine to rock and roll.. How this jumped of into the drug crazed madness and disconnectedness of my old play ground I do not fully understand, cheap thrills, no effort involved ‘Maybe’.

The seduction of less and less work for more and more profit, yet what I see is truly, easy come easy go a happier healthier uniform with nothing inside, back to the emperor has no clothes at all at all..

I awoke this morning with Primal Scream in my head, “we are unified, we are together” I believed it, and that has given me wings , and in this do not have your own will world! also made me somewhat unwelcome by some but not all. Surrounded by retired bankers on Harley’s putting down ‘hippies’ ah ummm!!! The “bohemians” as they call themselves on the ‘blue bus’ not hippies no similarity or image copy here! as they listen to Floyd and brag constantly about how many drugs there taking.. Boring.. It’s boring as nothing else is allowed, why care is the mantra, another plastic bottle in the sea another heart broken over Me Me Me..

I truly mean this, be free to try what so ever you will, prohibition never worked, yet let something else thrive.



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