Hiding the dark in clean freekery


Sterility! does not make you ” good ” on an organismic level it contributes to ill health.
once when curious why white rice was the norm, and why this processed/ and therefore more work needed to process it was in fact more expensive, I was told, I went back to the ‘christian’ idea that white is good! and browns/blacks bad! so white foods were cleaner!? There also less nourishing and to my taste buds way less tasty also,. interestingly (too me) white products are also more sugar, and sugar is a mild opiate as experiments with mice and maizes (problem solving showed). You can be clean also without being groomed with ‘beauty products’ that shine and smooth, cover and hide etc, Drop dead gorgeous is the title of a well researched book, says it all really.

In the way of innocents and the unable or unwilling to question (it does take a tad ‘work’.. oooo another newly dirty word.. I asked for a paper bag rather than plastic and was tutted at ( Ohhh those superior tones. ti he) when ‘had too’ explain motive health, “why would they make them if they were not good for health” Indian Man..
Do you think anyone is interested in your health, when it means a little more work and a little less profit, ugly I know.. splitting the world in my not so humble opinion into the bored and smug but not joyful rich, and the put down and shamed (be brave/be you) workers creators of the wealth being gobbles upo and spit out… There is a part me annoyed at the ease with which people feel powerless and shuffle and exclaim, Me, what can I do.. Separated we fall.  only then..

And it is strange, I observe it seems to me that often the more a person scrubs there house, photo shops all flaws from photo’s has a new pretty dress daily, “keeping up appearances” as the old saying said has more ‘shame’ inside more fear to make them hide what is dark or the behaviour’s that are simply not OK.. I have a personal example of huge proportion to me!!..

After a period of acceptance and non punishment (for my own peace too) for the several years of sexual abuse from my step father while I was 11- 15 when I left home, I recently briefly stayed at the house he and my mum had together before she died, He never lives there, it was a reasonable request after years of independence and I thought healthy response’s to a happening! “‘we’ all make mistakes”. or perhaps have been programed by being abused in past. Part my healing was to study human’s from a buddhist tool box and modern counselling and Meditation (osho etc) I did not pass on the family pattern. I feel great about that above all else.

I cook, I like my healthy veg, I compost and do not use plastic, Ooo yes, I tend to floor sit as a yoga teacher, I was constantly put down be my step father, called dirty, antagonized patronized, shouted at hot/colded until I left rather than become ill, the time I use to meditate being constantly disrupted being a part the ‘torture’. I did however say in a proclamation of truth, and showing fearlessness. “how can a child abuser, judge anything, how dare the abuses attempt and at times succeed in making the abused feel guilty. Like the carrot danglers who say things that they never do!! There the lying ones not those misinformed..

Why say it in a blog, as desensitization makes even this no longer a horror, when the catholic church still has ‘respect’ from many, after repeated proofs child abuse. Because no one is talking! except on-line, Help organizations have there hands tied in paperwork and the shuffle of powerlessness.

When having that polite smile and behavior is more respected than kindness and health and seeing what is in frount of out eyes. The seer must become the doer..

Ooo yes. The nicer the clothes often the more unhealthy the body, the less noble the work, passive controlling prefered over words kept.

Men often complain at manipulation and yet will respond to nothing else, not hearing a direct question, only responding to sex or rage. Swinging between lies and truth, and wondering why there not trusted, over testing your love like  babies who need you to hero worship them when there actions are far, far, far from heroic, and seemingly the ‘sympathetic’ must help the sinner above the sorted. |Men limping for love! I do understand, I really really do and my conclusion is give all beings unconditional regard and metta.

The world is in a sick knot at this time..



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