Creating Health

All partaking in the exciting dance that this life can be maybe feeling the present changes could become as radically world changing as the industrial revolution – I for one would aim to co create a paradigm more gentle and kind to the earth! First there must be a change in ‘world’ teaching to a way which is much more gentle and kind with ourselves and others, no longer acting out from force of habit or ‘tradition’ from the imprints of guilt and shame which create such self harming and such a need to have our so called Bad habits be shared with all around us. Over the new year period I had an enormous amount of people I hardly know apologizing for their party, stop apologizing, do it or do not do it, I like to feel well, I do not drink or party or whatever for a simply functional reason, mostly it is the first step to my feeling alien and excluded. and what does only human mean.. you are here, therefore you are capable of at least reaching for the stars! Of being the you you’d like to be, expressing yourself within the web of life. You are here to do more than shop and be entertained and act out ‘bad boy’ games in the name of consciousness change..

There are many still clinging to the old ‘live and let suffer’ paradigm – in some religions suffering and the creation of more suffering to ah um! prove your ‘good’.. at well suffering and being patient for no logical reason is very highly thought of, in the revolting scurry to be clean on the outside, to cover up all the seething self hate caused by media lead competitiveness for thing s we do not need and images that fuel greed’sma and fear and insecurity. Most of the apologetic self hating is about people not keeping there promises to themselves and loved ones. At times I wonder if there has been a complete disengagement from the cause-and-effect principle of our actions, hellbent on ignoring even the most obvious signposts that humanity, as we have known it, has been a selfish murderer of nature and kindness for the sake of fulfilling the desires given to ‘it’ by a corporate market with the wish to make make make and take take take without giving back, out of balance the new status symbol a house full of plastic crap no one uses or wants anymore, food that devoid of nourishment.

If there is a feeling of emptiness I feel it is showing us how to commit ourselves to deeper awareness, how to relate to each other instead of consuming to fill the void that wants love inside, embracing every day as a new possibility to allow more creativity and beauty into our world transcending the obstacles like Ganesha for more wisdom to heal our body and mind.

Within the detail of feelings and thoughts, we uncover the pain and wounding and also an abundance of love and compassion that is present everywhere hidden behind the hurts or abuses of the past which need to be seen not avoided, overcoming any tendency to slip into victim-hood, accepting and transcending without denial, simply witness take action to heal, then we are able to have an expansive and enriching experience in our lives.

Can there be a learning from and yet not to hang on to past emotions, not dragging them into our current affairs. Be it love for another, grief for a loved one or personal sensations of fear and pain from an existing wound/illness. When we hold on to the past life will simply not allow us to process.

If we just learn to sit with an increasing stillness in our body, align our composure, and attune our mind to the skies or to the sea or to the canopy of stars above at night, our mind will gradually still itself, allowing the heart to open and become filled with quiet joy. A gentle witnessing of experiences happens.. Feel everything, yet feel it lightly, with a giggle at the drama of life. Act simply for the pure delight of it without any agenda we can experience a greater sense of our overall place in the greater scheme of things. As such, we have the opportunity to step up and do our best.

We are already determining our planet’s overall health yet only a small percentage of our population seem actually aware of this, when more of us become involved fully in this awareness the greater our chance to heighten our group awareness and make this a healthier planet. Through increased congruence and a growing assertiveness of our thoughts and actions taken on ideas humanity has the chance to develope a collective harmony. Buckminster Fuller and others of high intelligence with no political or religious agenda have shown this in very real terms,we are the world. How would you like it to look?



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