I suspect Sir

When abuses can moralize and be followed, where is it possible to go. The saying if you can’t beat them join them never made much sense to me, what possibility is in that, what joy, Zero joy..

Justification and degraded organisms abound, dull from pollution. A world that appears to imagine nature itself to be dirty, that seems obsessed with it’s destruction and the destruction of it’s own being. Win at all costs, is anyone really winning!?

It seems to have come to the fore, stuff is more important than people, the self hate being a hate for life itself, the most amazing fest/festering of the idea rich at any cost and a degrading of our organism, because whiter than white is ‘better’ than organic, those unable or unwilling pulling it all down, a loss ability to act together, a refusal to pay attention to detail to make an effort to meet another in honesty and clarity. I can only guess the motive is transparency means the end of something for nothing, ego points. (something for nothing! is not the same as an exchange, with or without cash involvement)..

“I suspect sir, that guilt is a counterfeit of responsibility (ability to respond, not a to do list), just as punishment is a shame of correction. Robert Anton Wilson’s Character Lady Babcock has this profound understanding (or I guess to some misunderstanding). I recently was told to soften when using this quote. I am soft, so soft I yearn for you to respect you.. I respect you not to say your so weak or you do not know the meaning of tenderness, the outcome of actions and the difference between love and control..

Ommmm ommm ommmm




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