Hurry up and wait” is a humorous phrase used to refer to the situation in whichtriangle-for-flow one is forced to hurry in order to complete a certain task, or arrive at a certain destination, by a specified time; only for nothing to happen at that time, often because other required tasks are still awaiting completion. The phrase may have originated in the US army in the 1940s. This phrase synonymous with military culture reflects a part a patriarchal and is therefore hierarchical

It is a game to control like many others it has phrases like the above to describe it.  It is forced patience (the root of which is the same as that of patient is ‘to suffer’. Life sometimes makes us wait, patience then used like tolerance can get us through tough time’s and be ‘grist for the mill’ to growth however to create unnecessary suffering is simply manipulation a programing so you ‘know your place’ regardless of the gem that is your spontaneous and flowing self.

There are many such ‘games’ as Eric Berne  described a psychological game as an organized series of ulterior transactions taking place on twin levels, social and psychological, and resulting in a dramatic outcome when the two levels finally came to coincide.He described the opening of a typical game like flirtation, the outcome of the game – which may be comic or tragic, heavy or light – will become apparent when a switch takes place and the ulterior motives of each become clear.

Between thirty and forty such games (as well as variations of each) were described and tabulated in Berne’s best seller on the subject  Games People Play (1966)

According to one transactional analyst, “Games are so predominant and deep-rooted in society that they tend to become institutionalized, that is, played according to rules that everybody knows about and more or less agrees to

Psychological games vary widely in degrees of intensity, ranging from first-degree games – socially acceptable – to third-degree games that are played for keeps. Berne recognized however that “since by definition games are based on ulterior transactions, they must all have some element of exploitation”, the therapeutic ideal he offered was to stop playing games altogether.

I would love that to happen, to have 1st sight and 2nd thoughts like Tiffany in Terry Pratchett’s The Free Wee Men. Yet it seems to be simple is arduous, because to be simple costs everything that you have. You have to lose all to be simple.That′s why people have chosen to be complex and they have forgotten how to be simple. But only a simple heart throbs with the dance of life, Only a simple heart sings with the earth in deep harmony. To reach to that point you will have to find your heart, your own throb, your own beat.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Simplicity itself.

Too many of these ‘games’ are dominating society it seems to me at the moment, given extra strength by the powerful tools in media etc. Many also play out in close relationships, ‘crazy making’ using put down’s, interruptions and changing opinions for emotional effect to name a few.

Yet this classical conditioning is rarely questioned it’s use is seen as clever and complicated, a acceptable part of the business model competition by put down is seem in politics very clearly, it filters down, any behavior justifiable for profit and power over, it filters down and infects us all until ‘we’ ignore out justifications for not following the part of that knows what is kind and what is not..



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