Years ago I read a book called Conversation’s with God,  The only part I had problems excepting and niggled was the part about control in love relationships. I have been shown through some of my teachers that what niggles, for example that dull knot in your body in yoga practice can often be the juicy part, the grist for the mill. Where the growth edge is.

When you choose not to control, you take what the person say’s as what they want, for who can take the time to double guess. So if some one say’s there not sure, its OK there is now no commitment and you do what you will. There big enough to make there own choices who are you to interfere. Be aware not to miss hear!  help and love agreements are not interference.

And this choice extends to yourself, If there not sure and this does not fit what you need you are free too. You do not dance the dance of trying for love, it is or it is not..


It has changed a lot for me..  When you say OK, do as you will, they have no will often time’s as they have never had the freedom to choose, if you leave they may stamp and cry please control me, dance this dance of discord and drama..

I love you too much for that..



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