Smoothing things over in an aim Balance is ‘nice’ yet truth be told, little white lies and euphemisms just won’t cut it in a world which is being weakened and made dull and lifeless by all the avoidance of real work and general degrading and stupefying soiling the place over this last year (or 2). Quickly realize that if a workable solution is to be made, we need to live in our integrity, I for one would rather have a no than misinformation, hidden agendas or compliments to ‘sell me something’. Honesty needs putting into place to prevent things from slipping backwards even further. Be real in partnerships, marriages and public relations, why would you want to be in anything that does not love you as you! how long do you want to wear that mask, keep that secret tell that (justified, ha hum) lie. Reinforce the web of life with facts and truths, when ‘realities’ have become highly questionable the best we can do is to seek within (intuition) for the ‘facts’ on anything, and stay grounded and in balance by doing personal practice.

Ask for guidance, get tools from those who know and it shows. Ultimately you then practice consistently, no one does it for you, though they make take your hand a while on the journey.

“Say what you mean, and mean what you say cause those that mind do not matter and those who matter do not mind” Dr Seussbalance

Now wouldn’t that be nice.



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