Meditation to find your purpose

Come now,
Breathe yourself back into your body.

Come to the present moment.
Make a decision.
Follow through with appropriate action.
Manifest the result you wish to see.

Do this every day never being swayed away from the time you take out to witness..
I have often thought of Meditation as a time to step back from your own behavior, seeing yourself in the same way as you can see another. Have you noticed ‘we’ can often see the root of anothers problems, see there patterns of self sabotage and yet it is more challenging to observe our  own, as we are to close to ourselves. Step back everyday and see your patterns in all there glory.

Drop the good and bad labels as these only tend to bring out a defensive blindness, see it as an unfolding story, this in no way however makes it less real or valid, it simply allows a clarity of cause and effect so those obstacles to our intentions become clear and can therefore be removed and ‘we’ can get out of our own way’s and then we will not restrict others, not hurt the ones we love.

There is a chance also to find our intent dream purpose we can hear that more quiet voice in the stillness, before a perhaps more conditioned voice comes in to tell us all the reasons we can not, often these justifications are media generated fears or local fears. Blocks to giving sharing and trusting can also often be found here. In a society that activity helps us in our fears as these keep us shrinking and controllable.

Fear in its most damaging manifestation  will protect the organism through attack (bizarre but the case) most often ironically attack of ourselves.. Unfortunately others to as we can clearly see in our world today.

Patterns galore are waiting there to be seen and healed, we are unique and yet share the same nervous systems/souls, whatever word you use to describe our inner life, our beingness, we all feel love, anger, hurt and joy etc, not always for the same reasons however they tend to be part of out conditioned interpretations until we take this time to look with clear eyes and hearts.

There are few quick fixes to conditioning’s which no longer serve us..

So sit silently and watch.




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